How do I buy or place a bid?

Search for the item, click buy or place your bid by entering your maximum bid amount in the box on any auction page. 

Once you click buy, you will be directed to the checkout page to set your payment and shipment options. 

Once you click “Place Bid,” we will ask you to provide, or select, your shipping address. Upon selection, the system will display a confirmation screen of your desired bids, allowing you to verify your information before you “Confirm Bid”. 

What if I lose connectivity while bidding?

A bid only goes through once you see a confirmation page. If this page does not appear, your bid is not valid and was not accepted. If you do not see a confirmation page, please call our support team immediately at 0967.311.3093

How do I know if I’ve been outbid?

You will receive an email indicating another bidder has outbid your highest bid amount. If the auction is still open, you will have a chance to place a new bid by going back to the auction page or by logging into My Account.

How can I monitor the status of my bids?

You can monitor the status of your bids by going to the My Account page. There you’ll see auctions you’re actively bidding on, watching and those you’ve won.

How do I know if I’ve won the auction?

If you’re the highest bidder at the close of an auction, you will receive an email with payment instructions. Once we receive and process your payment, we will notify the seller and instruct them to prepare the product for shipment and delivery.

How can I cancel a sale or bid?

Your purchase can be cancelled by contacting to request cancellation.  

Your bid is a binding contract and CANNOT BE CANCELLED. Once the bid has been placed, it cannot be cancelled or retracted. If you are the winner and unable to complete the transaction, please contact us at 0967.311.3093 as soon as possible to determine your options.

Bidding Fees: Buyer: 5% | Seller: 5% | Merchant Processing: 3%