Buri / Bariw Placemat Plain or Printed (Assorted Design), 6/set, 50 set


Buri / Bariw Placemat Plain or Printed (Assorted Design) 6/set, 50 set

Buri/bariw are handicrafts woven using the leaves of the eponymous palm/pandan trees. Its leaves are carefully dried under the sun until light brown and malleable. Afterwards, they are cut into strips of uniform width, then either dyed or left in their natural color, and rolled into spools for storage. The creation of just a piece of buri/bariw is a meticulous and delicate process that can take anywhere from a day to an entire week. Each one is unlike the other, since everything is done solely by hand and by its weaver.

Option 1: Plain / no design, size 12×18

Option 2: Assorted design, same print per set, 12×18

This listing Is for 50 sets, total of 300 playmates

Bulk orders, Up to 21 days production, handling and processing.

Shipping Schedule: Philippines shipping 5 days. International shipping up to 21 days. 

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Plain, Printed


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