How to Sign Up as A Seller / Vendor?

The first step in becoming a Vendor/Seller at Carrera Co is fill out and submit a Vendor Application. Once you filled out the form, you will be required to confirm your form submission to enter Vendor Dashboard Page. In this page, you can setup your store, product listing, payment information and details of your company. Carrera Co will review your application, approve or request more information within 1-2 days.

What Documents do I need to apply as a Vendor or Seller?

You will be required to submit your Name, Contact Information, DTI or Sec, Address and Business Description. You will also submit your banking information for payment of proceeds once you receive an order from Carrera Co Platform.

What type of product can I sell at Carrera Co Marketplace?

Carrera Co accepts Original Design/Product, New | Wholesale and Shelf Pull Items. As a Vendor, or Seller, you are responsible in verifying that your product, your description, your items are correctly manifested with complete disclosures of photos and manufacturer’s information including its authenticity. ONLY PRODUCTS MADE IN THE PHILIPPINES ARE ACCEPTED IN THIS MARKETPLACE. Your product must be made and assembled in the Philippines regardless of where the materials or ingredients are purchased.

How do I ship products to customers when I receive orders?

Carrera Co will arrange shipment of products from your warehouse to customers. Please make your products available by shipment within 24 hours after you receive the order. Seller is responsible for verifying that the items are properly packaged and sealed.

What are the cost for Vendors / Sellers?

The fees as a Vendor or Seller are as follows;

You will receive full credit amount of your “original wholesale” listing price. Original / wholesale price refers to the amount you listed when creating your product listing in your dashboard before it has been published to the platform. Carrera Co will adjust the final listing price for the cost of administration, advertising Fees, platform fees and other associated fees to use the platform.

The Seller will pay processing fee: 3% of the full transaction if paid via Credit Card, PayPal, Gcash, Paymaya, Western Union, Wire Transfer.

When will I receive my payout after shipment of products?

Your payment will be paid to you when the product is received or delivered to Carrera Co. Carrera Co will only pay for undamaged, properly sealed, described and acceptable product based of your listing description.  Products that are not accurately manifested, damaged or otherwise unacceptable in quality will be immediately returned to you for replacement.

Exchanges, Returns, Refunds Policy:

As a Seller / Vendor, you are responsible in insuring that all your products, items, descriptions, pricing and quality of your products, packaging, shipping and other factors as per your manifest for your Buyers’ 100% satisfaction. When you are notified of a claim or dispute, you must respond within 24 hours with full documentations and explanation of the issues. You must provide a policy reflecting in your page, as well as resolution recommendations to the issues.

*Carrera Co reserves the right to make a decision regarding your Refunds, Returns, Exchanges request.

*Carrera Co reserves the right to ban Vendors, Sellers or Buyers who refuse to follow the minimum required policy and for receiving multiple complains or negative reviews from the Sellers or Buyers.

Resource Documents:

Inventory Master list – Use this document to take inventory, list your wholesale price and provide item title and full description. Please email a pdf to for approval before listing your items.

How to access my Vendor Dashboard?

Click Vendor or Seller Dashboard and enter your username or email address and password. If you forget your password, you can click reset password or send us an email at In the Dashboard, you can enter you can set up your store information, photos, logo profile, add your products, inventory, pricing manage your policies, and view your sales history, widrawal and account maintenance.

How To Set Up My Store, My Page, Setup Payments and Other Tutorials?

When you sign up as a Vendor, a Business Development Agent will be assigned to your account to assist in setting up your store. Also, click this link to view the Tutorials for Vendors.